Rotary Club is now looking at three key projects undertaken by various clubs this year and the main project is the Human Heart Valve Tissue Bank worth of US$ 300,000, which will set up at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH), its District Governor Sri Lankan and Maldives Gowri Rajan told the Daily News Business.
Rajan is the first woman district Governor of Rotary District 3220 Sri Lanka and has many ambitious plans to promote several social welfare projects in the country.
She said that the hospital administration approached Rotary through Rotary Colombo Fort to establish a Human Heart Valve Bank for the children affected with congenital heart disease.
Every year 3,000 children are born with life threatening heart conditions needing urgent medical intervention and most of them need valves.
At the moment they use animal and artificial valves with high number of rejections. The cost of a valve is about Rs. 300,000 (US$ 2,300 approx.), she said.
“Once we setup the Heart Valve Bank, they have the option of storing valves of dead people in this bank and use as and when required. Many Sri Lankans have given the consent to donate their organs once they are dead, “ she said.
At the moment there is no Human Heart Valve Bank in Sri Lanka. This will elevate the heart surgeries to the next level in Sri Lanka.
She also said that planting one million trees.
One million trees will be planted across the country in partnership with Irrigation Department, Divisional Secretary of the area, Agrarian Services Department, Forest Department, Road Development Authority and Sri Lanka Army.
The community is given employment opportunities in terms of labour e.g. collecting seeds, potting plants, keeping the nursery; transport of plants to the required destination, final plantation; she said
Second, as a long-term benefit the community will have less environmental problems in their farming activities e.g. water availability in the drought season, enrichment of soil, etc.
Gift of hearing: $ 500,000 worth of brand new hearing aids will be distributed to the needy in the country, which also another worthy cause under taken by the club, she said.
The needy will be identified by the 62 Rotary Clubs spread across the country.
In addition $ 100,000 worth of audiometers will be donated to some of the National Hospitals that will be identified.
Even though my family own a company and a powerful household brand in Sri Lanka,” she added. 

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