Printcare CEO K.R. Ravindran has taken over as Rotary International President from July 1 and will be based in Chicago for the next two years. In the light of these developments, Krishnamoorthi Rajabather Ravindran, son of Mr. Ravindran was appointed Alternate Director to the CEO, a stock exchange filing stated.
Currently, Printcare responsibilities held under Mr. Ravindran would be carried out through the new appointee who would be overseeing the company’s external affairs in relation to customers, suppliers, the stock exchange and banks. Company Chief Operating Officer David Jayaraj would be in charge of the Printcare internal operations and production. 
All day-to-day operations would be handled in this manner, Mr. Krishna Ravindran told the Business Times adding that the Printcare CEO would not be on leave but would be operating from his new base in Chicago. 
Mr. Ravindran was elected as President of Rotary International – one of the world’s largest service organisations for the years 2015-16. 
He becomes the 10th Asian to hold this prestigious office. A member of Rotary Colombo since 1974, Mr. Ravindran has previously served Rotary International as a director and treasurer and as a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation.

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